Injury Bug Takes Another Bite Out of the Yankees

Not only did the Yankees lose their 8th of 11 and 3rd straight (all by 1 run), they also may have lost star first baseman Mark Teixeira for an extended period of time.  After diving for a ball in the 7th inning, Teix had to leave the game.  Joe Girardi is concerned and the team will be sending him for tests (MRI) tomorrow, with results expected Tuesday.  The good news is that Teixeira said on the YES Network post game that tonight’s X-Rays were negative.

It sounds like a broken record now, but just add Teixeira to the list that already includes the likes of Mariano, Pettitte, Gardner, A-Rod amongst others. Amazingly, three of these injuries could be considered freakish: Rivera stumbling on the warning track, Pettitte taking a liner off the ankle, and Teixeira on a diving play.  Hopefully, we’re getting worked up for nothing with Teixeira and it ends up being a day to day injury, but this sure doesn’t sound good.

The Yankees have already lost one guy with a 120 wRC+ (A-Rod) long term, and they can ill afford that to happen again. Teix, by the way, was the Yankees best hitter this month (176 wRC+, .436 wOBA, 7 home runs).

Should this be serious, Brian Cashman’s hand may be forced.  Otherwise, we may see some Nick Swisher at first base, with Ibanez and Jones continuing their platoon in left.  Eric Chavez would also see some time at first.

Some internal temporary replacements, similar to those discussed in the article about A-Rod’s injury, could be Corban Joseph, Ronnie Mustelier (not on 40 man), and Brandon Laird.  They would probably play third while Chavez would shift over to first.  Jack Cust, not on the 40 man, has an outside shot thanks to his 20 long balls in AAA.  Russell Branyan would also be an outside shot, but he’s on the DL in AAA.  Again, hopefully Teixeira’s injury is just day to day and none of this needs to be considered.

We’ll keep you posted with a trade deadline thread with live updates tomorrow on what moves, if any, the Yankees make to shore up the corner infield spots.

Update (11:07 PM):

Chris just let me know that Arizona DFA’d 1B Lyle Overbay today.  He could definitely be on the Yankees radar, plus Cashman has a good relationship with Diamondbacks’ GM Josh Towers.  Overbay’s been good: .348 wOBA, 113 wRC+, with a .292/.367/.448 slash line.  The downside: he’s awful against lefties, possessing a 44 wRC+.  He’s gotten a bit lucky (.377 BABIP), but is a pretty good fielder and worthy of a roster spot.

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