What if the Yankees Sign Nobody?

We know the Yankees’ situation by now. After letting Nick Swisher, Russell Martin, Ichiro (still could be back), and Eric Chavez walk, the Yankees have yet to make any moves to replace their production this offseason. Their only move during the winter meetings was announcing that A-Rod would need hip surgery.

It’s still very early in the offseason, but based on what we’ve seen, Brian Cashman has been unwilling (or unable?) to pay for players to fill the obvious voids on the roster. So what would happen if they continued to exercise extreme frugality and didn’t bring in anybody to fill the holes? How would the team look if they went entirely with what they have at the moment? Here’s a look at what the batting order might look like:
Derek Jeter
Curtis Granderson
Mark Teixeira
Robinson Cano
Chris Dickerson
Eduardo Nunez
Brett Gardner
Chris Stewart
David Adams
According to Baseballmusings.com’s lineup tool, this lineup would score 4.609 runs per game. You can click on these blue words to see all of the theoretical best and worst lineups according to the tool. The OBP and SLG numbers are from ZiPS. Believe it or not, this offense wouldn’t be all that bad; only 7 teams scored more than 4.6 runs per game last season—including the Yankees with 4.96. There will obviously be injuries though and the team currently has little major league talent to serve as depth, especially in the outfield. Otherwise though, the Yankees’ offense is still a force despite having some weak links.

Ultimately, they’re going acquire some sort of offensive help. They’re not going to just hand David Adams (or anyone else currently in the organization) a starting job at third base and have recently made an offer to Kevin Youkilis to man the hot corner. But other than bringing in a stop-gap 3B and a platoon mate for Dickerson, it’s possible the bombers will stand pat this offseason. Even so, the team’s still going to score runs. As ugly as the bottom of the lineup would look, there are still enough above-average hitters on the roster to put runs on the board.

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