Yankees reel in Masahiro Tanaka; what should we expect?

Chris wrote about Masahiro Tanaka‘s future in the United States a couple of times in recent weeks. First, he made a projection that looks pretty darn exciting, even if it is a tad optimistic:

So how will Tanaka’s numbers translate across the Pacific Ocean? It’s hard to say, mainly because so few pitchers of Tanaka’s ilk have made the transition. But by analyzing the performances of recent Japanese expats, we can get a decent idea of what to expect out of Tanaka in his rookie campaign. Click to read

In addition, Chris found Tim Hudson to be a good comp to Tanaka:

I searched for pitchers who in the last three seasons had K%, BB%, and HR% within one standard deviation of what I projected for Tanaka and found… nobody. Mainly because his projected HR% would have been the lowest in baseball over that period. Tanaka did allow just six dingers in 212 innings last year, but if there’s one piece here that seems fishy, it’s his homer rate. So to actually get some players in my sample, I considered all pitchers within 3 standard deviations of his projected homer rate. Click to read

Tanaka should fit in nicely with CC Sabathia, Hiroki Kuroda, Ivan Nova, and a fifth starter to be determined in camp.

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