Sunday Links: An alternate universe, cFIP, Luis Sojo, Aaron Judge, and Greg Bird

A few interesting reads from the past week…

River Ave. Blues | Jason Heyward, Andrelton Simmons, and an alternate offseason universe by Mike Axisa

As you might have read this week, the Yankees made a play for Jason Heyward and Andrelton Simmons this winter. Mike Axisa takes a fascinating look into what might have been if such a deal came to fruition.

Hardball Times | FIP, In Context by Jonathan Judge

Judge coins a new metric, cFIP which takes into account things like the opponent, catcher, umpire, stadium, etc. It’s not on an ERA scale like FIP, rather, it’s an index statistic similar to FIP- or ERA+. Judge takes a look at how descriptive and predictive his new measure is compared to other pitcher metrics like FIP and SIERA.

IIATMS | Top Moment #15 Luis Sojo’s Base Hit by Brad Vietrogoski

IIATMS has been doing a countdown of some of the great moments in Yankees history, and this is a good one. It seemed like Sojo’s 9th inning go-ahead single off Al Leiter took 1,341 hops before sneaking into center field.

New York Post | ‘Blessed’ Yankees prospect elicits Stargell, Stanton comps by Kevin Kernan

Get to know about top prospect Aaron Judge’s background in Kevin Kernan’s piece.

NY Daily News | Brian Cashman and A-Rod have (Greg) Bird on brain by John Harper

It looks like the Yankees were fans of Bird a bit more than most in his draft year, as some teams were scared off by the fact that he played his high school ball in Colorado at a higher altitude. To this point, it’s looking like a good bet.

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