Sunday Links: Expected payrolls, Luis Severino, Aaron Judge, Yoan Moncada, Hector Olivera, and Korean Baseball

Here are some good reads from across the internet in the past week:

Fangraphs | Creating an Expected Payroll for all MLB Teams by Craig Edwards

Based on market size, attendance, and TV revenue, Craig Edwards calculated expected payrolls for every franchise, and the differences between their actual payrolls. As you’ve probably noticed, the Yankees have kept their payroll relatively steady in the past few years. Thus, you shouldn’t be surprised to see the Bombers far below their expected payroll given its market, attendance, and TV deal. In fact, they are the farthest behind in comparison to any other team.

Baseball Prospectus | Some Projection Left: The Severino Enigma by Chris Crawford

Luis Severino was pretty fun to watch this afternoon. He’s been placed highly on multiple prospect lists this offseason, and is a favorite of Chris’ KATOH projection system. Yet, there are some scouts who are not quite as optimistic, as Chris Crawford notes in his piece for BP.

New York Daily News | Yankees prospect Aaron Judge has a huge future in pinstripes by Mark Feinsand

The title sums it up. It’s hard not to be excited about Aaron Judge.

Fangraphs | Attempting to Forecast Yoan Moncada Statistically by Chris Mitchell

Our very own Chris Mitchell put his KATOH system to the task in attempting to project Yoan Moncada’s future.

River Avenue Blues | Reports: Hector Olivera declared free agent, may or may not have a damaged UCL by Mike Axisa

Cuban second baseman Hector Olivera was cleared for free agency, and Mike Axisa gives us a good run down of Olivera’s profile and some obstacles in his path.

Hardball Times | Keep an Eye on Korean Baseball by Joon Lee

Fascinating read about the history and growth of baseball in Korea, plus the cultural challenges that await Koreans coming to America and Americans transitioning to Korea.

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