Our FANS projections for the 2017 40-Man Roster

If you’re not familiar with the FANS projections over at Fangraphs, we’d suggest you get to it. It’s a fun time-killer and spits out a interesting product on the site. After any given player receives five projections, it shows on the player’s Fangraphs page. This provides a general idea of what the average fan (err…Fangraphs user) thinks Player X will do in the upcoming season. I (Derek here) always find it interesting to see how the FANS projections stack up against popular systems like ZiPS and Steamer.

For this post’s purpose and our own amusement, we’ve projected each player on the Yankees’ 40-man roster and have shared those projections below. There are two summary tabs, one for pitchers and one for hitters, and two detailed tabs which illustrate the entirety of our projections. Any thoughts, agreements, or disagreements?

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