Gleyber Torres and a Site Update

The Yankees won’t explicitly state this because it would end in a grievance, but this shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone, via Joel Sherman:

Even if Gleyber Torres showed he was fully healthy after Tommy John surgery (to his non-throwing arm) and starred in spring training, the Yankees would have reason not to promote him before April 14.

That would take him beyond the 16-day mark of the season and mean Torres could not accumulate a year’s service in 2018. Thus, the Yanks would get essentially seven years of play out of Torres rather than six before he became eligible for free agency.

I’ve written about how the Yankees should handle the current infield situation and have identified a few acquisition targets outside of the realm of the obvious options like Todd Frazier for BP Bronx.

That’s a perfect transition to our site’s current status, which has been dormant for about a year. I’ve been writing for other sites and Chris is firmly entrenched at Fangraphs, so things fell off here even though I wanted to maintain this blog. Alas, I’m going to try again this year.

My more in-depth work will be seen on BP Bronx going forward, but I still plan to chime in here from time to time. I anticipate using this site for more newsworthy items and my own reactions to them, which I think is better suited for here because BP Bronx has multiple collaborators and not just one overarching voice. Things could change over time…but that’s how I see it going for now.


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