A sign that spring training is near: non-roster invitees announced

The Yankees releasing their non-roster invitee list is a welcoming sign that spring training is on the horizon. Maybe it’s just me, but it feels like the Yankees are always one of the last teams to announce who will be joining the 40-man roster down in Tampa. I guess it’s one of those things that doesn’t really need to be rushed, as long as you have a squad show up in camp.

Estevan Florial and Justus Sheffield are the two biggest names on this list, and understandably so. They’ve received glowing reviews from various top-100 prospect lists in recent days. It’s going to be fun to get a closer look at them, but it’s actually a couple of the less-heralded prospects on this list that I’m most interested in.

Chance Adams, though I suppose he’s not necessarily “less-heralded” considering he’s cracked a few top-100 lists, will be a pitcher I have my eye on. Though he’s garnered very good results during his minor league career, I’ve never been impressed by his peripherals. He walks a few too many hitters and could stand to generate more grounders. Getting a good look at him actually pitch should help me understand how he’s consistently maintained low ERAs as he’s climbed the ladder. Hopefully he gets a fairly long look.

I look forward to seeing second baseman Nick Solak get a chance, too. The Yankees took Solak in the second round in 2016, and he’s hit well ever since. As a 23 year-old who’s already cracked Double-A, he’s not as far away from the majors as it might seem. Given the Yankees’ infield depth, it’s not inconceivable that he’ll be in the majors this year.

We’re getting closer, folks.

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