Will the Yankees open the gates early for batting practice this season?

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From the New York Post:

TAMPA — The Yankees will open the gates three hours before spring training home games, allowing fans to watch Aaron Judge and new teammate Giancarlo Stanton take their thwacks during batting practice.

This is progress, I guess. I’d like to see this done during the regular season, however. As it stands, you can only see the visiting team take BP at Yankee Stadium if you arrive early enough.

It would seem like a win-win to open the stadium early enough for the home team’s batting practice to be seen. Aside from giving the fans a greater opportunity to connect with the team, it also might aid with security lines and increase concession revenue, among other things.

The caveat is the moat blocking off fans from getting up to the dugout for autographs and photo opportunities. The legends seats section is cordoned off and cannot be accessed without a ticket even prior to first pitch, so even if the Yankees were to open the gates extra early during the regular season, most fans still couldn’t get the full experience. Unless they were to change that as well, of course.

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