Thoughts after the first game

Can every game be like yesterday’s opener? That was a lot of fun. You really couldn’t ask for Giancarlo Stanton to have a better debut. I have a few things on my mind related to yesterday’s game:

  • I always defend John Sterling, but I just can’t get behind his Stanton home run call. It’s bad. I know his calls are contrived, but this one goes a bit too far. It’s not smooth and doesn’t roll off the tongue. Even Sterling couldn’t seem to articulate it. I hope he finds something else.
  • There was some thought to sticking a lefty bat between Aaron Judge, Stanton, and Gary Sanchez in the lineup, but I think yesterday’s order was just right. It’s not that putting Didi Gregorius or Greg Bird between any of them would be a break, but I’d rather force the opponent to run the gamut of the team’s three best hitters. In 15 plate appearances yesterday, the trio reached based 7 times, smacked 3 doubles, 2 homers (all Stanton, of course), and drove in 5 runs. Judge, Stanton, and Sanchez will be relentless all season long, and opposing pitchers won’t be able to pitch around them. Like Stanton said, I feel sorry for the baseballs.
  • Alright, enough on the offense. A quick take on Luis Severino: I thought he didn’t have his best command yesterday. It didn’t matter, of course. He struck out 7 Blue Jays in 5.2 innings, surrendered only 1 hit, and had a 7-2 groundout to flyout ratio. The three walks indicated that he wasn’t totally precise, and I thought that he got away with some pitches up in the zone. Nonetheless, his stuff is so nasty that he was able to avoid even a hint of danger. If that’s Severino without his best command, look out American League.
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