Thoughts with the regular season near

Regular season baseball starts this week! It’s about time. A few things on my mind with Opening Day just around the corner:

  • The Greg Bird news is a bummer. We’ll know more tomorrow, so cross your fingers. It’s hard not to be pessimistic knowing Bird’s injury history, that this current malady relates to the same issue as last season’s injury, and that he struggled this spring. Fortunately, the Yankees do have some depth to cover Bird for as long as he will be out. Neil Walker and Tyler Austin should be able to handle things at first base.
  • Speaking of first base, we found out that Miguel Andujar will be on an “80/20” plan in Triple-A, meaning that 20 percent of his playing time will be at first base. Don’t count on him being a Bird replacement option anytime soon, but maybe down the road if Bird’s out for an extended period.
  • One more point on first base: Rule 5 pick Mike Ford was just returned from the Mariners. He’s a stats over scouting report guy, but I think he’s pretty interesting nonetheless. For what it’s worth, ZiPS projects a 105 wRC+ for him. I doubt he gets a chance with the Yankees even with Bird out, but maybe we’re in for a surprise.
  • I got MLB The Show 18 over the weekend and have enjoyed it thus far. I’ve also gotten OOTP 19¬†and will be writing a review as soon as I can. I had great things to say about OOTP 18, last year’s version, and I expect to have more of the same for the latest.
  • Two things I wrote for BP Bronx since I’ve last posted here:
    • I compared the defensive prowess of Aaron Judge and Giancarlo Stanton in left field. Looks like Stanton will be the choice when Brett Gardner is out of the lineup. I think Judge is better suited for left, but Stanton’s no slouch in the field, so it’s not a big deal.
    • I shared some mixed feelings about the Yankees’ future of third base.
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